Sheikh Khalifa Hospital Careers (54+ New Vacancies)

Sheikh Khalifa Hospital

Sheikh Khalifa Hospital Careers (54+ New Vacancies)

List OF Vacancies: Sheikh Khalifa Hospital Careers

  1. Registered Midwives: Maternity and Labor
  2. Staff Nurse, Emergency Department
  3. Staff Nurse—Outpatient Services
  4. Charge Nurse, MPICU
  5. Staff / Charge Nurse: NICU
  6. Staff/Charge Nurse—Operation Theater
  7. Staff/Charge Nurse, ICU
  8. Charge Nurse, Male, and Female Ward
  9. Charge Nurse, CCU
  10. Staff/Charge Nurse: Diabetes Clinic
  11. Staff/Charge Nurse: Pediatric Endocrine Clinic
  12.  Manager
  13. Senior Officer 
  14. Sales Manager
  15. Senior Sales Officer
  16. Sales Officer
  17. Sheikh Khalifa Hospital Careers
  18.  Consultant, Pediatric Surgery
  19.  Consultant, Vascular Surgery
  20.  Consultant: Pediatric ICU/Critical Care
  21.  Consultant, Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU)
  22.  Specialist: Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU)
  23.  Consultant Obstetrician
  24.  Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology
  25. Specialist: Emergency Medicine
  26.  Consultant: Infectious Diseases
  27.  Consultant – Ophthalmology
  28.  Consultant: Orthopedics
  29.  Consultant: Radiology

Email your resume to:
Expats: [email protected]
Emirati: [email protected]
mention the position and specialty you are applying for in the subject.

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