Almarai Careers – (50+ new Vacancies )


Almarai Careers (50+ new Vacancies )

List of Vacancies in Almarai Careers:

  1. Senior Hardware Engineer (Corporate)ย 
  2. Category: Business Intelligence Manager
  3. Fire & Safety Officer (Poultry)
  4. Organization Development Manager
  5. Assistant Port Operation Manager (Farming)
  6. Technical Trainer (Transport and Logistics)
  7. Senior Ministry Liaison Officer (Corporate)
  8. Key Accounts Manager
  9. Fire Systems Supervisor (Sales)
  10. Merchandising Coordinator (Sales)
  11. Assistant Farm Manager II (Poultry)
  12. Factory Engineering Manager (DJFI)
  13. Regional Territory Manager
  14. Customer Care Representative II
  15. Senior Team Manager, Engineering
  16. Team Leader (Transport & Logistics)
  17. Assistant SAP Functional Analyst (Corporate)
  18. Technical Trainer
  19. Project Managerย 
  20. Regional Sales Manager II
  21. Senior Site Supervisor (Capital Projects)
  22. Regulatory Affairs Specialist (Corporate)
  23. Farm Maintenance Specialist I (Farming)

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